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Provides continuity through Board, Personnel, Hardware, Server and Software turnover.

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Dramatically reduces cost and time of upfront Capital Improvements .

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Protects against County planning and permitting document purges.

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We will never sell any information on Your Association, Documents or information contained in your documents. You “own” all data in your Condo Canopy account.
Our company provides document storage services for Condominium Associations, allowing them to store and easily search for documents using indexes.
Our service has the capacity to accommodate an extensive variety of documents, encompassing financial records, meeting minutes, legal documents, among others. The flexibility of our storage system extends to accommodate all types of files including, but not limited to, documents, images, photos, and videos. This comprehensive approach ensures that no matter the file type, we have the capability to securely store it for your convenience.
Security is paramount to our service at Condo Canopy. We employ cutting-edge encryption and security measures to safeguard your documents meticulously. The cloud-based storage we use to store and shield your documents is the same as that employed by a substantial number of Fortune 500 firms, including giants such as Bank of America, IBM, Amazon, Microsoft, and Berkshire Hathaway.
However, it's essential to remember that the most vulnerable aspect of any security system is often at the human level. Never give your login username or password to anyone. Condo Canopy will never ask you for your login credentials. Request a new password whenever a staff or board member with access leaves or if you suspect someone is trying to gain unauthorized access.
Yes, our service allows multiple users to access the same documents simultaneously, which can be especially useful for board meetings or other collaborative efforts. Is this true?
Our system currently supports text recognition for documents in TIFF, JPEG, PNG, and PDF formats only. If your document is in a different format, don't worry—you can still locate it by searching for its specific file name.
You can upload documents to our service through our web portal, which allows you to drag and drop files directly into your account.
The cost for our services depends on several factors, including your storage needs, the level of concierge services like document scanning, your specific needs related to public records access, and the number of users who will utilize the service. We encourage you to get in touch with us for a tailored quotation and payment structure that aligns with your unique needs.
Yes, we offer a range of customization options, including the ability to add your own logo and branding to your account & category/file customization for specific projects such as repairs and capital improvements.
Our service provides continuous backup and replication to ensure that your documents are always safe and secure.